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About us

Who we are


Pabkuv is an all over media advertising company, specializing in Radio Broadcasting, TV Productio and IT/Web Design. We have a wide range of teams located in the United States.


What we do


We build relationships with Businesses and Community leaders, networking and sharing information ranging from local news to world news, events, products and services.


When we started

We started originally as Hmong Video Productions in 1988 and have evolved into a Radio Station, TV Station and publish a Business Directory annually.

Where we are going

Our vision is to become one of the main sources where communities from all around the world can come and find information.

Why we began

Throughout the years, living as a  third generation in the United States, Kou Doua Her found that there was a need to connect all the diverse communities together. A connection to share knowledgeable information about economics, politics, research studies, news, market, and most of all to connect businesses and communities together. Primarily the asian community and the mainstream businesses needed a way to connect where there would be a trusting relationship that could continue on beyond the point of sale.


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