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Radio Hmong broadcasts on channels 1610am, 1620am, 1630am and 1640am in Hmong neighborhoods of Saint Paul, MN. Reaching far and beyond those four AM channels, we also broadcast through our Wi-Fi Radio, our website and on our telephone radio. In addition to having seven different outlets, Radio Hmong also runs a diverse 24 hour radio program. The program broadcasted through our channels consists of education, politics, news, business, religion, culture, community events, and entertainment.


Born in Laos, 1964, our founder, Kou Doua Her came to the USA as a third generation of Hmong refugees from the Vietnam War. Coping with the culture clash, learning English and going to school, Kou graduated from Austin Technical College in Video Productions in 1987. Married with six children, Kou began his entrepreneurship with his first video production company. With hard work and dedication, Kou was the very first Hmong to produce a fictional Hmong movie.



                        Leading the Hmong communities in media productions, Kou transformed his video
                        production business into a voice dubbing company. Recording Hmong voice actors 
                        over foreign films so that the Hmong population would be able to understand and 
                        enjoy them. Many Hmong businesses began to expand on this idea, when Kou quickly
                        moved on to pave the way for Radio Hmong, Hmong Business Directory, and Hmong
                        TV. Hmong Corporation was founded in 2003.
























2003 - Mr. Her brought the Radio Hmong Broadcasting Live Online. The live broadcast captured many active listeners across the world.


2005 - Mr. Her Added Netcom Digital Radio as a Device. A device other than using your computer enables you to listen to our broadcast through your phone line or DSL/Cable.


2007 - Mr. Her Added a Radio Hmong Broadcasting Channel to the Asian Satellite. A Satellite Dish is another device that we use. Introducing, and using the Asian Satellite Dish in order to listen to Radio Hmong Broadcasting and other programs besides using the internet and/or telephone connections.


2008 - Mr. Her converted telephones to be a 24/7 radio. This feature allows individual who has a telephone to listen to the Radio Hmong Broadcasting through phone. It means ANY kind of telephones! Yes, we guarantee you will be able to listen to our broadcast from around the world.

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